Pricing Your Home

Avoid pricing mistakes when pricing your home

Time to sell your home? You’ll find there are many considerations when deciding on an asking price. A real estate professional provides you with information regarding the current market and what similar homes are selling for (or not!) in your area. However, the agent won’t decide your asking price– the ultimate determination is yours.

Any responsible agent will stress the importance of condition– it’s an extremely significant variable when buyers compare your home against others. Don’t be tempted by what looks like an easy way out – pricing your home lower instead of making repairs.

You've heard it before, "image is everything." If your home doesn’t look as good as, or preferably better than, the competition, you’re inviting fewer or no offers. Buyers look for the best value for their money, and you need to offer a home displaying "pride of ownership."

Take time now, before you list, to tend to the most important repairs. Prioritize your repairs to maximize your payback. Take care of the big stuff first and then focus on minor cosmetics.

History shows that buyers offer $2 less for every $1 in needed repairs, so simply lowering the price yourself instead of making improvements will ultimately result in disaster, either no offers or offers so low you can’t accept them. Take a professional’s advice: fix it now or pay big later!

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