Questions to Ask When Buying A Home

An important translation that can make a difference!

Are you familiar with the Latin term “caveat emptor”? If you plan to buy a home, you should be!

When taken literally, "caveat emptor" means, “let the buyer beware.” It’s obviously a term from another age, yet it offers meaningful advice to today’s homebuyers as well. In the real world of home buying, it might be interpreted more meaningfully as “Take responsibility for your actions.”

When buying a home, sellers (and their agents) are obligated to treat you honestly and fairly. They must also disclose any known material defects in the property being shown. That being said, it is also wise for buyers to know how to ask the right questions.

Before beginning your home search, prepare a list of questions that might include:

  • the age of the home
  • construction concerns
  • recent repairs
  • local zoning
  • plans for future development in the area

Take along a note pad, and ask the real estate agent or owner for clear, concise answers. The time to learn details about a home’s suitability for your family is before you buy - not after.

A home inspection, performed by a qualified individual, is well worth the modest cost involved. The inspection may reveal previously unnoticed flaws or needed repairs, or provide reassurance that the home is well worth the asking price. Either way, homebuyers become well informed about their future home, making the purchase decision easier.

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