Why Make An Appointment?

Take a number - appointments work better!

Walk unannounced into your doctor's office and what is the first question you will hear? "Do you have an appointment?" It's a logical question because the doctor is highly trained and must work in an organized manner. A doctor's time is spent not only seeing patients, but also researching, diagnosing, and treating their medical concerns.

In real estate, the agent also works in a logical organized manner. When contacted by prospective buyers, the agent is likely to ask the prospects to make an appointment to discuss their buying objectives.

The first meeting is a time for open discussion about the buyers' plans. Preferred locations are noted by the agent, as well as the style, size, and price range desired. The information shared by both agent and buyers leads to the next step - research.

The agent begins the process by researching the local market to identify homes that meet the buyers' requirements. This can take from several hours to several days. The agent may then preview selected homes to further determine their suitability.

Next, an appointment is set to view the homes that most closely match the buyers' objectives. This requires the agent to make contact with many different sellers, creating a complex schedule of viewing times and appointments.

The best real estate agents have great respect for time. By making advance appointments, they can save many hours, even days, of inconvenience to buyers. When buying your next home, choose an agent carefully, and then make an appointment. Your home buying dreams will come true.

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