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      Selling Brattleboro Area Real Estate

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      Selling On Your Own

      A few questions to ask before selling your own home

      There are always plenty of questions to ask before selling your home, but if you’re planning to try to sell on your own, here are the most important questions to start with.

      How will you price your home? It takes detailed research and knowledge of market trends to arrive at a fair price. You don’t want to cheat yourself out of receiving the full value of your home, but you don’t want to overprice and drive away serious buyers who will compare your home’s value against similar ones on the market. A Comparative Market Analysis conducted by a professional agent is your best bet for formulating the perfect asking price.

      Once you’ve priced your home, how will you attract those buyers? It takes more than ads, “For Sale By Owner” signs, and open houses to promote your home to the right prospects. The best exposure will come from the Multiple Listing Service, where all realty professionals will find it, and alert their ready-and-waiting throng of buyers. But without representation, you won’t have access to it.

      Once you’ve got an offer, will you be able to handle all the paperwork to insure legally binding contracts and a smooth closing? Consider legal documentation, inspection reports, appraisals, bank financing and so much more.

      One last question: Doesn’t it make sense to let a professional handle your real estate transaction?

      Click here for more useful selling tips. If you have questions or would like to begin your selling process, contact us - your local real estate experts!

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      Staging Tips

      Selling your home? Walk in the buyer's shoes!

      Imagine walking into a ritzy department store to purchase expensive clothing or jewelry. Now imagine your surprise when you find the store lighted with a few dim 40-watt bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Unable to tell navy blue from black, or diamonds from zircon, wouldn’t you feel that the store was playing in the wrong league?

      What if, across the street, another store offered merchandise that really dazzled your senses? Brilliant diamonds in crystal clear showcases, striking mannequins adorned with the latest fashions. Which store would get your business?

      Now imagine you’re selling your home. Will buyers see a freshly painted exterior and neatly trimmed yard? Inside, will the aroma of fresh baked bread or cinnamon rolls bombard their senses? Will the sparkling windows flood your home with sunshine?

      Just as department stores merchandise their wares to appeal to your senses, you must do the same with your home to attract serious buyers who comparison-shop. To be chosen, a home must reflect pride-of-ownership and the greatest possible value for the price.

      Capitalize on the condition of your home by asking your real estate agent to "walk-through," giving you ideas to improve its curb appeal. Now make all needed or cosmetic improvements before the home is shown. You’ll find that a house offered for sale in model home condition will actually create competition among buyers for its purchase!

      Click here for more useful selling tips. If you have questions or would like to begin your selling process, contact us - your local real estate experts!

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      Pricing Your Home

      Avoid pricing mistakes when pricing your home

      Time to sell your home? You’ll find there are many considerations when deciding on an asking price. A real estate professional provides you with information regarding the current market and what similar homes are selling for (or not!) in your area. However, the agent won’t decide your asking price– the ultimate determination is yours.

      Any responsible agent will stress the importance of condition– it’s an extremely significant variable when buyers compare your home against others. Don’t be tempted by what looks like an easy way out – pricing your home lower instead of making repairs.

      You've heard it before, "image is everything." If your home doesn’t look as good as, or preferably better than, the competition, you’re inviting fewer or no offers. Buyers look for the best value for their money, and you need to offer a home displaying "pride of ownership."

      Take time now, before you list, to tend to the most important repairs. Prioritize your repairs to maximize your payback. Take care of the big stuff first and then focus on minor cosmetics.

      History shows that buyers offer $2 less for every $1 in needed repairs, so simply lowering the price yourself instead of making improvements will ultimately result in disaster, either no offers or offers so low you can’t accept them. Take a professional’s advice: fix it now or pay big later!

      Click here for more selling tips. If you have questions or would like to begin your selling process, contact us - your local real estate experts!

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      Selling With An Agent

      You're unique - so is your agent!

      If it’s been a long time since you’ve considered buying or selling a home, you probably have questions about today’s market. A real estate professional can explain the trends and offer solid advice.

      There are many reasons to relocate to a new home in your retirement or near-retirement – maintenance issues, financial issues, health issues and more. You’ll find an agent very understanding and willing to help.

      During this sometimes challenging transition, you must consider the housing alternatives, a location of medical services and hospitals, the effect of estate taxes and more. A real estate agent may not be qualified to offer financial advice, but the agent is part of a large network of professionals prepared to assist you with every aspect of your move.

      You may be looking to relocate to a retirement community or you may need the services of an assisted-living center. Maybe you’re in your early golden years and still working, looking to fulfill the dream of the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to attain. Everyone’s situation is unique, and you deserve to be treated with the respect and understanding that your unique situation presents.

      When you’re ready to begin your search, rely on a professional to offer you all the options and put you in touch with a whole team of professionals who are ready to help you during this exciting time!

      Click here for more useful selling tips. If you have questions or would like to begin your selling process, contact us - your local real estate experts!

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      Merchandising in Real Estate

      The three ingredients in the recipe for success!

      Have you ever noticed the racks and stacks of colorful merchandise displayed near the checkout lane of your grocery or department store? Known as "impulse" displays, they catch your attention, making you consider one last selection "on impulse." This kind of merchandising works because it grabs your attention when you literally have your money in your hand.

      Merchandising is important in real estate, too. When selling your home, choose an agent who understands the concept, and demonstrates a history of merchandising homes by positioning them favorably in the eyes of prospective buyers.

      Three ingredients produce successful merchandising:

      1. An attractive product
      2. The right price
      3. Exposure to buyers

      First, you must offer an attractive product - a home in excellent condition. Your real estate agent provides tips to make your home stand out.

      You must also price your home fairly. That means it must be at, or sometimes below, fair market value. Your agent researches local market information to help you arrive at the right price.

      The third ingredient - exposure to buyers - is your agent's challenge. If you offer a home in dazzling condition at the right price, you may expect an aggressive marketing plan, targeting all potential buyers, as well as other real estate agents who bring their buyers. Ask your agent about merchandising your home. It really makes a difference.

      Click here for more useful selling tips. If you have questions or would like to begin your selling process, contact us - your local real estate experts!

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      Moving With A Family

      Moving day for the kids!

      Have you discovered that you (and your family) have to relocate? Even if you’ve contacted a real estate agent, found a great home, and feel prepared for the move, your children may not share your enthusiasm.

      Experience shows there can be two emotions at play, depending on your child’s age – fear or anger. Young children may fear the unknown – where will they go to school? How will they make new friends? Where will they play and have fun?

      Show them how they’ll continue all their activities in their new community. Visit the school, spend time in the park, and drive them through the neighborhood where other children are playing.

      If you’ve got teenage kids, you may face resentment about moving. They feel more established in their schools, sports, and friendships. Accentuate the positive - maybe the sports program is one of the best in the state, and maybe their best friend can visit over school break.

      If you can move during the school year, so much the better. They’ll immediately begin to make new friends, instead of spending potentially lonely months during a summer vacation.

      Explain that you’re making transitions in your activities and relationships, too, and how excited you are to develop new interests and learn about your new home together. Children are amazingly adaptable – they may just surprise you! Enjoy your journey together!

      Click here for more useful selling tips. If you have questions or would like to begin your selling process, contact us - your local real estate experts!


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