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At any given moment, there are hundreds of homebuyers actively seeking just the right home to purchase in our area of Southern Vermont and New Hampshire. Most qualified, motivated buyers choose to work with an agent. They do so because they understand that most of their counterparts - sincere, motivated sellers - have listed their homes with an agent. They know the agent can show them virtually any home currently for sale in the marketplace.

These desirable buyers also understand that, because most agents are paid by the sellers, they will not be paying a fee to the agent in exchange for the many services provided them. They can choose from a wide selection of fairly priced homes, are able to secure financing, and save days or even weeks of time-consuming searching, all at no cost to them.

For sellers, the agent is able to supply a ready supply of buyers. Occasionally, when an agent lists a home, the buyer is provided in a matter of days from a reserve of buyers who are already looking and ready to make a decision.

On the contrary, homeowners selling "by owner" have no reserve of buyers. They are new to the real estate business, and must establish their own contacts. They must compete with many agents who often spend seven days-a-week serving their clients and customers with a wide range of services. Often, it is only the tire-kickers, bargain hunters, and other less-than-motivated buyers who contact the "by owners."

Home sales are usually the result of long hours and days of information gathering, price negotiation, and detailed follow-up by a dedicated real estate agent. Serious buyers and sellers both appreciate the effort and enjoy the benefits.

If you have questions about the process or would like to begin your home buying journey, we are your local experts!

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