Staging Tips

Selling your home? Walk in the buyer's shoes!

Imagine walking into a ritzy department store to purchase expensive clothing or jewelry. Now imagine your surprise when you find the store lighted with a few dim 40-watt bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Unable to tell navy blue from black, or diamonds from zircon, wouldn’t you feel that the store was playing in the wrong league?

What if, across the street, another store offered merchandise that really dazzled your senses? Brilliant diamonds in crystal clear showcases, striking mannequins adorned with the latest fashions. Which store would get your business?

Now imagine you’re selling your home. Will buyers see a freshly painted exterior and neatly trimmed yard? Inside, will the aroma of fresh baked bread or cinnamon rolls bombard their senses? Will the sparkling windows flood your home with sunshine?

Just as department stores merchandise their wares to appeal to your senses, you must do the same with your home to attract serious buyers who comparison-shop. To be chosen, a home must reflect pride-of-ownership and the greatest possible value for the price.

Capitalize on the condition of your home by asking your real estate agent to "walk-through," giving you ideas to improve its curb appeal. Now make all needed or cosmetic improvements before the home is shown. You’ll find that a house offered for sale in model home condition will actually create competition among buyers for its purchase!

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