Loan Approval Tips

Do your "home" work for fast approval!

Home buying is an exciting adventure - once your mortgage is approved. By following a few simple steps, you can breeze through loan approval, and be on your way to moving day. If you have additional questions about the home buying process, contact us today!

  1. Begin by reviewing your credit record. You can obtain a copy (for a nominal charge) by phoning the local credit bureau. Be certain all items shown are accurate. If errors appear, correct them before loan application. It saves time, and eliminates unnecessary explanations.
  2. If making a downpayment, be sure the funds you will use are reflected on your bank statement. Lenders generally want to know not only how much cash you have, they also want to know where it is right now. The more documentation you take to your application interview, the faster loan approval will be granted.
  3. Let your employer know they will be receiving an employment verification request from the lender. Ask them to respond promptly, if possible. Loan delays can often be traced back to employers who are slow to respond to this request.
  4. Gather information on all income and debts, including statements, account numbers, and creditor addresses. All will be verified by the lender, thus providing a detailed accounting up front will also speed the process.

Mortgage lenders deal with facts and figures, and respond positively to applicants who respect their requests for information. For a fast, successful loan approval, provide all the details.

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