Moving Into Your New Home

Your ultimate goal and how to make it happen!

Once you decide to purchase a home, you're also likely to begin asking, "How soon can we move in?" As homebuyers, you can influence the answer to that question in two ways:

1. When you make your purchase offer to the sellers, spell out in the agreement the date you expect to take possession of the property. This date is often expressed as it relates to another important activity - the date the transaction is completed. Thus the "possession" date in the contract may state "at closing" rather than being a specific date such as "August 1, 2006."

This wording is used because sellers are not likely to give up their property until they have been paid in full "at closing." Thus, your possession date is tied to the date sellers are paid, and you receive title to the property - the “closing date.”

This date will be expressed as a specific date in time, i.e. 8/1/06. Thus, if the transaction closes on time, the possession date - "at closing" - would also be August 1, 2006.

2. You can influence the punctuality of the closing date by cooperating fully with the agent, the lender, and any attorneys involved. For instance, organize your financial information before making loan application. By providing complete and accurate information about employment, debts, and credit history, the lender may be able to speed up loan approval.

Expect the agent to follow-up on home inspections, appraisals, and a final walk-through inspection. Also, expect to receive updates from the agent to let you know that the closing will be completed on schedule.

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