Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Vicki is fabulous! She was professional, personable, and attentive during our (at times difficult) process. We recommended her to some friends (who closed last week!) and would happily do so again.

Everyone in your office was awesome. Best regards to everyone.

We appreciate all the effort that was made to sell our home and that we were always updated regularly.

David was a very big help. I don't know if I coudl have done it without him. He is an excellent employee. You should be proud to have him.

Hi Dave,

We would recommend you and your organization to anyone who was in need of Real Estate services. In your dealings with us you were most informative, gave great suggestions, and shot from the hip...an approach that isn't always followed in our culture today. On a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the best, I'd rate you a 9.99999999....Nobody's perfect!!! Pardon me if I'm a little flip, guess it's a result of having the house behind us.

Again, we would call you immediately for future services should we need some, or would quickly recommend you to someone looking to sell or buy Real Estate.

Everything went so well. I didn't realize all that an agent has to do. Dave Putnam did a wonderful job.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the good service. I know you do a little more than you have to. Make sure the boss knows that.

The whole process was very smooth. Our agent, David Putnam, was excellent and answered all our questions and guided us through the process.

Excellent service. Dave was very helpful. Radon issue was new to me. Market is still very bad as are the banks. I would recommend you highly! 

Dear Chris,

You are the best, Chris. You have acted with extraordinary professionality, unbounded enthusiasm and a keen sensibility to the needs of both buyer and seller. Your fabulous sense of humor and the warm introduction you gave us to Brattleboro won us over completely.

It is in large measure because of your patience, understanding, and dedication that we are now proud owners of a wonderful villa in Brattleboro.

With sincere regards to your excellent colleagues at Brattleboro Area Realty.

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